The Lion King Movie Night

PICCSI - The Lion King

Event: PICCSI FundraiserDetails: Movie Screening: The Lion King
Date:  19 July 2019
Time: 8.00pm
Location: Westgarth Palace Cinema (map)

Tickets are available through

Thanks go to Alice Berezner for organising the 2019 PICCSI Movie Fundraiser: The Lion King.

Come along to the amazing Westgarth Palace Cinema and enjoy what will surely be one of the must-see movies for 2019: The Lion King!

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Fundraise with Zahrah!

Zahrah - PICCSI

Congratulations and commendations to Zahrah:

Zahrah is a Obstetrics and Gynaecology resident doctor in Melbourne who is from Fiji.  This year for her birthday, Zahrah has decided to fund raise for PICCSI (Pacific Island Cervical Cancer Screening Initiative).

The cost of a cervical screening test is roughly $25, so she is asking friends and family to “donate a test” in lieu of birthday gifts and dinners.

Give to PICCSI. Nicola Fitzgerald Piggy Bank
Give to PICCSI on behalf of Zahrah!

“Donate a HPV test in lieu of birthday gifts and dinners!”

What a great idea, Zahrah. PICCSI thanks you (and HealthServe for their PICCSI assistance).

Follow this link if you would like to contribute to Zahrah’s ‘Everyday Hero’ page.

Australian Aid

Today PICCSI would like to thank the Australian Government and Australian Aid for their backing of the PICCSI Project in August 2018.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has agreed to provide PICCSI some assistance through their Direct Aid Program (DAP). The assistance will help with our cervical cancer screening and treatment programme in the Western Division of Fiji in August 2018.

The purpose of Australian Aid is to promote Australia’s national interests by contributing to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.

It pursues this purpose by focusing on two development outcomes: supporting private sector development and strengthening human development.