The world is beating cervix cancer

With your help, the Pacific Islands can too. 


Why is Cervix Cancer such a problem in the Pacific?

Most Pacific countries have unacceptably high rates of cervical cancer.

This is largely due to the high prevalence of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and the lack of adequate screening and treatment.

There are economic, social and logistical reasons for this. Major barriers to screening are the time it takes to obtain results, and difficulties in locating women when treatment is available.

Making a donation to PICCSI can help to eradicate cervical cancer in the region by assisting us in gathering data, screening women and providing treatment on the same day.


What does PICCSI do?

The aim of the PICCSI Project is to eradicate cervical cancer in the Pacific Islands. PICCSI screens women in the Pacific for the virus that causes cervix cancer: Human papillomavirus. This is similar to how women are screened in Australia, New Zealand and many parts of the world.

When women test positive for the virus they are offered a small procedure as treatment. The PICCSI Project screens and treats women on the same day, at a health service close to their home. This decreases the number of women who are lost between getting results and receiving treatment, and subsequently the number of women who develop cervix cancer long term.

The project began in Fiji in 2018, and plans to spread to a number of other Pacific nations should funding allow.

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