Most Pacific countries have unacceptably high rates of cervical cancer.

This is largely due to the high prevalence of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and the lack of adequate screening and treatment.

There are economic, social and logistical reasons for this. Major barriers to screening are the time it takes to obtain results, and difficulties in locating women when treatment is available.

Making a donation to PICCSI can help to eradicate cervical cancer in the region by assisting us in gathering data, screening women and providing treatment on the same day.

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Fiji 2019

The PICCSI team will visit Fiji again in 2019 to screen and treat women in the Western Division.

We’ll be at the following places:

Monday August 12 – Ba

Tuesday August 13 – Rakiraki

Wednesday August 14 – Tavua

Thursday August 15 – Sigatoka

Friday August 16 – Nadi


Women aged 30-50 living in the Western Division are invited to attend for free and fast HPV screening. HPV is human papillomavirus – a virus that causes cervix cancer. Treatment on the same day is offered if required.


Are you a gynaecologist? Pathologist? Doctor? Midwife? Nurse? Allied health professional? Caring (and hard-working!) volunteer?

Would you love to help extremely appreciative and deserving women?

Do you have a spare week in August 2019…to spend in Fiji?!!

If so, please take a look at last year’s PICCSI Project Page and contact the PICCSI team for details!


At PICCSI, we appreciate any donation you are able to make.

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