Nurse / Midwife Registration Tips

Fiji Nursing Council online registration tips and tricks:


  • The web page times out fairly quickly so you need all documents ready to go, as they are not saved if the page closes.
  • Also have your credit/debit card on hand.
  • If your Australian AHPRA Nursing certificate is due to expire while you are in Fiji, make sure you pay and have the updated certificate.
  • On the Australian Nursing registration page, you can request a letter of good standing be forwarded to Fiji Nursing Council.
    • Cost $50.00
    • You will not get the letter yourself: it will be sent directly to Fiji
      (you will receive an email confirming that it has been done)
  • You will need certified copies of:
    • Current Australian Nursing registration certificate
    • ANMF Professional Indemnity Insurance certificate or an equivalent private indemnity insurance certificate
      (if you have a private one, confirm that you are sufficiently covered)
    • Birth certificate
    • Change of name certificate (marriage registration or other)
    • Passport
    • Working with children check
      (a scanned copy front and back of the little card)
    • University certificates
      all of the ones you decide to include in the registration (e.g. post-graduate study)

      (Your local police station may only provide this service on certain days, so line them up first)
  • Payment is 160.00 FJD
    • You must enter into international  payments in your online banking
    • You will get a note on your application page that the information has been submitted
    • The confirmation and certificate took a few days to arrive via email this year, so they are definitely getting better at this process

You can only apply the fees for tax returns

Flights and accommodation is unknown at this point.

I am waiting to put my tax request in for last years visit along with supporting letter of Education from Nicola.

I think that is all. If anyone has more info to add please do!