Fiji 2023

This year we can offer screening for new and returning patients in:

  • Ba
  • Ra / Rakiraki
  • Tavua
  • Sigatoka
  • Nadi

If you can not attend but would like to offer your support, we are always appreciative of any donation you are able to offer.

The amazing team of PICCSI volunteers are once again preparing to visit Fiji in August.

The PICCSI team will be visiting five sites again in 2023 to offer free on-the-spot screening for Human papillomavirus: the virus responsible for causing cervix cancer/cervical cancer.


PICCSI Locations August 7 – 11, 2023

Ba Bure / Ba Multipurpose Hall

Ra Maternity Hospital

Tavua Hospital
Antenatal Clinic

Sigatoka Hosptial
Eye Clinic

Sharada Centre
Ashram Road
Nadi Town

PICCSI will be using the state of the art GeneXpert PCR testing platform to screen for the virus. Our PCR testing is much the same as the COVID-19 PCR testing that the world has become all too familiar with in the past few years. The main difference is that our test results are generally available within an hour!

The PICCSI medical team are then able to offer on-the-spot treatment to anybody who tests positive.

There’s not long to go now as we will begin our program on Monday August 7th 2023!

If you live in the Western Division, are aged 30-50 and are the proud owner of a cervix, please come along and take advantage of this wonderful screening opportunity.